OGC Stack Winter School 2022

S.NoDay'sDescriptionDownload Link's
115-12-2022 to 31-12-2022APSAC Report on GISE HUB Training
OGC Stack Winter School 2022 - Presentations
215-12-2022OGC Stack Winter School - Ordnance Survey presentation, OGC Standards

316-12-2022CSW, GeoSPARQL, GeoRSS, OGC Standards

417-12-2022Data Models & Activity

518-12-2022Geospatial Models & Activity

619-12-2022Public Health Data Models & Activity

720-12-2022Data Model & OGC Standards- Case Studies, Activity & PostGIS Queries

821-12-2022Workshop on 3D City Models and Urban Simulation - Part1

922-12-20222Workshop on 3D City Models and Urban Simulation - Part2 and testbed -18

1023-12-2022Geo Package
1124-12-2022Graph DB, HDF5, Zarr, CDB
1226-12-2022OGC API Introduction, OGC API - MAPS, Commom, Styles, And Agriculture

1327-12-2022OGC API Tiles, Features, Symbology

1428-12-2022OGC API's, API- Routes, Sensor Things

1529-12-2022Geo server, Pygeoapi

1630-12-2022Spatial Data Modeling, Spatial Database and Query Execution
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