Our Team

Scientific Staff

Dr. B Sundar, IFS
Vice Chairman

Sri. V.V.R.M Narayana Rao, 

Sri. A.Nageswara Rao
Scientist-SF, Director (Tech)

Sri. G.Prasada Rao, Director,
Scientist-SF, Project Manager – Geomatics & e-governance, (Admn)

Dr. M.V.Ramana Murty, ,
Scientist-SF,  Project Manager – Disaster Management Support, Coastal & Forest Division

Sri. S.Chandra Sekhar
Scientist-SC , Project Manager – Water Resources Division

Dr. A. Kanungo
Scientist-SD (Contract),  Project Manager – Survey, Advanced Techniques Division, (Systems Manager – IT)

Sri. Sudheer Kumar Tiwari
Scientist-SC (contract) , Project Manager – Agriculture & Soils Division

Dr. T. Vani
Scientist-SC (Contract), Project Manager – Urban & Ecology Division

Sri. Ch. Tata Babu
Scientist-SC (contract) , Project Manager – Capacity Building, Policy and Partnership Division

Sri. R. Kannan
Scientist-SC (Contract), Project Manager – Geosciences & Land Use Division

Supporting Scientific Staff

Sri. G.V.Krishna Rao
Scientific Assistant

Sri. K Surya Chandra Rao
Senior Assistant

Sri. K Mohan Vara Prasad
Scientific Assistant

Sri. P.S.S.Murty
Scientific Assistant, DDO

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