Agriculture and Soil

Agriculture and Soils Division monitors the seasonal drought conditions through Integrated Seasonal Condition Monitoring System (ISMS), Crop Area, Production and Condition Assessment, Soil resources mapping, Soil Informatics (micronutrient etc).APSAC monitors the seasonal conditions prevailing in Andhra Pradesh using MODIS/ Resourcesat-2 AWiFS data on fortnightly basis at State/District/Mandal level to assist the state government to plan and implement effective drought management strategies.

Consolidate Report of Kharif_2018_ISMS_AP
  • Assessment is based on satellite data derived from Normalized Difference Werness Index (NDVI), Normalized  Difference Wetness Index (NDVI), Vegetation Condition Index (VCI), Rainfall and Dry spell.
  • Seasonal condition is categorised as Normal i 207 Mandals as on date 30th September 2018.
  • Seasonal condition is categorized as “Mild”  in 182 Mandals as on date 3oth September 2018.
  • Seasonal condition is categorized as Moderate in 45 Mandals as on date  30th September 2018.
  • Nellore District is excluded in the assessment ans considered as Normal as it is covered during North – East Monsoon.
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