1. Development of Road Information System (RIS) for Andhra Pradesh using high resolution satellite data on 1:10,000 scale
Sponsored by: E-n-C, Panchayat Raj, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
Objective: The project aims to develop a remote sensing and GIS based system for updation, construction, planning, maintenance and monitoring of roads under the control of Panchayat Raj Department.
Output: Network of 65 PR divisions with APSAC DSS for real time updation of PR road network
Scale: 1:10,000
Team: Project Manager:.
2. Capacity Building for stake holder departments in AP and graduate students
Sponsored by: APSAC, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
Objective: To prepare a workforce armed with latest geospatial knowledge to meet the ever increasing demand of geospatial industry in the State and to provide an intensive educational opportunity designed to equip students for either a career in the geographical information industry or for further research.
Output: About 1000 departmental staff trained in use of remote sensing and GIS technology in respective domains About 250 young graduates equipped with better skills in use of RS and GIS for better employment opportunities
Team: Project Manager: Scientist-SC: 2, TL: 4
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